The Making Of, Part 1

What do you get when you put three Customer Experience Fanatics together…. so much enthusiasm about sharing their passion that they decide to start their own company! So we took upon ourselves the challenge of creating better life experiences by combining our forces with this huge amount of information on CX. But where to start and how to unravel…. 😆

How do we inspire people to become advocates for CX as well? How do we share our knowledge and expertise, and motivate and activate people at the same time?

As CX professionals we of course first took into account our customers needs. We can imagine that our customers have heard about Customer Experience but do not know where to start practicing it. Or they already work in the field and would like to learn more. Or their company is in need of structured CX implementation. Bottom line, there is so much information available and it is all linked to each other and intertwined. It might even be chaotic, discovering how to unravel all of this and finding your own way to bring it into practice.

Well that is exactly where we want to step in. Yes we are the No Guts No Glory kinda group, who want to make our passion your passion as well. We not only want to share our knowledge and expertise, we love to share it with you in a fun and practical way. We are interested in your CX journey and how we can help with a personalized track. We also challenge you to think out of the box and put into practice tomorrow what you learned from us today. Do you see some brand values in this text already…?

Haha now how to translate this into a brand name… well we went through a whole process of aligning, connecting, philosophizing, dreaming, evaluating, researching and feeling. We love to work in MIRO, an online collaboration tool. And with the help of the template  We finally decided on CX UNRAVELED. In the picture you see this very special moment!