Energizer: postcard

Objective: The goal of this activity is to establish creative confidence, encourage effortless collaboration, and build the capacity for working together as a workshop group.


  • Markers (1 per participant)
  • Paper


  1. Preparation: Participants can sit around a table or in a circle, but this arrangement is not mandatory. Hand out a sheet of paper or a postcard and a pen (marker) to each participant. Ensure that all pens are identical in color and size, not too thick nor too thin, as this consistency tends to yield better results.
  2. Invitation: Announce to the group that you’ll be creating something together in the next few minutes. Let them know you’ll guide them through a series of simple tasks, and it’s important to follow instructions precisely, especially in the last two steps.
  3. Instructions for the Group:
    • Draw a Form: Each participant starts by drawing a random form on their paper. Once they’ve completed their drawing, they pass their paper to the person on their left or right. Stick to one direction consistently (left or right).
    • Create Something: The next participant, using the form they received from their neighbor, turns it into an object, person, or animal. Then, they pass the paper on.
    • Add Context: The next participant adds a context or setting to the drawing they’ve received from their neighbor and passes it on.
    • Add Action or Drama: The subsequent participant adds an action or some drama to the drawing. Emphasize that they should refrain from using text at this stage. After this, they pass on the paper.
    • Add Text: The final participant adds text to the drawing, which completes the postcard. You can encourage them to be creative with their text.

Additional Ideas: After becoming familiar with the activity, you can introduce some variations:

  1. The Improvisation & Postcard: Start a workshop with this activity using blank postcards as paper. Participants can choose one design at the end, write their address on the back, and then swap postcards among participants to create postcards with insights or things they want to share with each other.
  2. Themed Doodling: Play a certain style of music during the creative process. For example, using Christmas songs may lead to interesting holiday-themed postcards.

This activity is a creative and collaborative exercise that encourages participants to think outside the box and fosters creative confidence while emphasizing the value of working together as a team.