Last week Peter had to buy a suit for a wedding on Thursday. And I am not sure about you, but Peter could definitely think of nicer things to do during his weekend!

But his visit to Suitsupply turned out to be a great experience that is worth sharing! What made it so great: let us explain this with the help of the Customer Need Pyramid. This model is being used by Forrester and it works with the 3E’s: Effectiveness, Ease, Emotion!

Peter was ‘on a mission’ to get his suit. His job to be done was to meet the strict dresscode and to look great for the wedding. And he succeeded! With fairly priced suits and the many choices that Suitsupply offers, he was not really in doubt about this one actually!

What made it good was that the experience was completely effortless! Your name is registered the moment you walk in and a few minutes later a sales person comes to pick you up in the comfortable coffee corner. This person is your personal assistant that gives you full attention and won’t help any other customers till you have left the shop. You just have to give a short description what you are looking for and they will do all the work!

This is the best part: the one that makes you want to come back and share your experience with others. While waiting for help Peter could relax in the coffee area enjoying a nice cappuccino. The sales rep Lola (originally from Spain) was super friendly, gave good advice on shoes and shirts for the wedding (without pushing for additional sales). And while trying out various suits and talking about skiing, she gave some advice on a cool skiing area in Spain. And what really was a WOW-moment: as he needed to have his suit adjusted, Peter could pick it up on Wednesday. OK that’s a bit less effortless, but Lola told Peter that this was her day off and she would be happy to come to the shop to personally hand over the suit and check if it would completely fit Peter’s expectations in the end!

EFFECTIVE is what you come for
EASE is what makes you satisfied
ENJOYABLE is what makes you remember and share it

How is your company performing on the Customer Need Pyramid?