Did you know that 15% of the world population has some form of disability? And did you know that 1 out of 12 males and 1 out of 200 females are probably unable to distinguish the red and green dots in this posts visual?

Some form of disability includes: motor impairment, low literacy, slight mental handicap, dyslexia, color blindness, visual and auditive impairment

Have you ever stepped in the shoes of these customers? Do you specifically design your products and services for these customers?

Accessible design is focused on ensuring that interfaces and technology can be used by people with disabilities. We recently hosted a @womenincx event on this topic and if the participants were representative for most companies, then you’ve either just embarked on desigining for accessibility or have a desire to do so. Which is good news!

But where to start?
There are tons of great resources on the internet, but there are also some great books out there worth reading:

* Accessibility for Everyone by @Laura Kalbag
* A Web for Everyone by @Sarah Horton and @Whitney Quesenbery
* Designing Across Senses by @Christine Park and John Alderman

Let us know which other resources you know which are worthwhile to share with anyone looking to move forward on designing for accessibility!