Even when expectations (and prices) are sky high …
Coldplay still keeps amazing and delivering an unrivalled experience in so many ways that other artists (and companies) can only dream of!

OK, there is this amazing show, 2 hours of songs you can sing and dance along with, perfect live performance and a visual experience you don’t see anywhere else!

But what else stood out:
7 things we can learn from Coldplay!

1. Being authentic
Chris Martin is Chris Martin. What you see is what you get. You feel he genuinely cares. Everything he does is real, from having fun on stage to improvising and talking to his fans and showing his appreciation for his other band members.

2. Staying positive
Not only with catchy songs and confetti and fireworks but also when it starts raining at the beginning of the concert. He just keeps smiling and starts singing:
I have been in Paris, I have been in Spain
but nothing beats Amsterdam in the rain!

3. Making a personal 1-1 connection
When inviting a girl on stage who asks him to sing the song FLY ON for her brother in heaven. Clearly improvising, making apologies to her and her brother for making some keyboard mistakes, and asking her to sing along with him while looking up together to heaven

4. As well as connecting to all 60.000 people
By asking visitors to put away their cameras for a moment, pointing out that this is a very special moment: we will never be together with these 60.004 people. And we take the next 3 minutes to enjoy it together to the max! And what a difference it makes: 60.000 fans (from 5 to 75 years old) jump to the tunes of A sky full of stars! and experience the moment!

5. Valuing customers for their business
Thanking fans various times throughout the evening for coming to the show, for travelling and taking all the effort to see the concert. And giving attention to ALL visitors, not only to those in the front, but playing a part of the concert on the other side of the stadium so people in the back get the best seats for a part of the concert.

6. Contributing to a better planet
Before starting the show, pointing out all their efforts and achievements in the area of sustainability (and there are too many to mention); walking around with a rainbow flag and supporting the LGBT community; and asking everyone to keep spreading love

7. In the end … Making it memorable
It is Friday; the concert was on Tuesday and the experience is still in my memory and here to stay.

OK, we are not Coldplay, but if we take at least one of the above points with us, we are sure this will lead to delivering better experiences for all of us!