Thirza Schaap


Thirza sometimes jokingly calls herself a CX and Human Centered Design fanatic and there is definitely a truth in that. She has over 15 years of experience in the Customer Experience field and has helped create better customer & employee experiences at KLM, Dutch Railways, Guidion and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Thirza’s mantra is “never trust your assumptions” and she loves it when she has empowered people to see how they can truly create better experiences. 

More about Thirza?


Personal style: name/ pronouns/ age/ location

Thirza - she/her / 1980 / Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

On intimacy: living together with…?

Living together with husband Gideon, daughters Caatje and Wiesje, son Pieter and dog Goose.

Why would you recommend CX unraveled masterclasses?

They’re interactive, dynamic, inspiring and above all fun!

What is your motivation for the CX Unraveled masterclasses?

When I first started learning about CX, I found many different types of masterclasses, training sessions and even week long courses. But most of them were quite theoretical - definitely plenty of interesting info - but I had difficulty applying what I learned back in my own context. That’s why we started CX Unraveled! In these Masterclasses we are focused on really helping you practice using CX tools & techniques (interactively) and the 1 hour coaching session after the training is to ensure you are really able to apply everything learned to your own context.

Your favorite Brand?

That has to be Crisp for the moment. A new Dutch online supermarket. It’s a real party every time they deliver their groceries. From selecting their wonderful products to the way the package things, from their Whatsapp messages to their repair process.

When you buy something, where do you start? (ask others?/ read reviews/ just google/ compare prices online?)

Thirza - Hmmm, let’s see. I think I tend to Google and do my own research first. Then I’ll read reviews and/or ask friends or family what their experience was. Unless I get this amazing recommendation from friends or family first.

What is your best customer experience and Why?

My best customer experience up till now is with Ziggo. I called them because my internet was not working. We quickly established it had nothing to do with the Ziggo connection, but that it was an issue with the router we had privately bought and installed in our network. Not only was the Ziggo employee helpful in explaining how I could reset the router (which was definitely not his problem), he called me back after 10 minutes to make sure my internet was working. Above and beyond my expectations. And you do have to know that I was asked to input my postal code 3 times (frustrating!!) 3 times before I actually got to speak to a real person. The great help made that fade to the background.