Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

CX Unraveled Terms and Conditions

Article 1. Definitions 

Contractor CX Unraveled: established in Amsterdam, registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number 74018264.

Client: the person or organisation that has placed an order with the contractor.

Activities: lectures, master classes, workshops, training, coaching, consultancy, talks etc. provided by CX Unraveled.

Article 2. Applicability 

These general conditions apply to all activities that CX Unraveled carries out. In case the client wants to use his own purchase conditions, then this needs to be agreed and confirmed by email/in writing in mutual consultation prior to the assignment.

Article 3. Offers 

All offers and proposals of CX Unraveled are without obligation. There is only an agreement if the client has purchased a product on www.cxunraveled.com or confirmed an offer or the proposal in writing and/or by email to CX Unraveled. CX Unraveled is not responsible when the person who acts on behalf of the principal is not competent to give a command.

An agreement will only be amended or supplemented if both parties have agreed this and it has been confirmed in writing and/or by email.

Article 4. Prices 

Price quotations are made in an offer and these prices are exclusive of VAT. In the offer CX Unraveled specifies exactly the structure of the price and this serves – after approval of the client – as input for the invoicing.

Article 5. Payment 

Unless agreed otherwise, the client pays the invoices sent by CX Unraveled within 30 days after invoice date. When the payment is not made CX Unraveled will send a reminder. We assume that we will always find a solution together, but if satisfactory response is not achieved, CX Unraveled has the right to suspend the implementation of the activities or to dissolve the agreement between both parties. Thereby CX Unraveled still reserves the right to claim the indebted amount.

Article 6. Provision relating to the performance 

In case that work is being done at the client’s property, the client ensures that the necessary facilities are present to allow CX Unraveled to carry out its work properly. Therefore the facilities are in a good technical condition and meet the legal safety regulations.

Article 7. Prevented from attending of the contractor 

Within its in-company activities such as masterclasses, consultancy and talks, CX Unraveled will make clear who within CX Unraveled will be responsible for the specified tasks. If the assigned CX Unraveled staff member is prevented from attending on the agreed date due to illness or any other urgent circumstance, then we will:

  1. if desired, possible and mutually agreed, provide a replacement by one of our other CX Unraveled staff members, or one of our contracted freelance trainers;
  2. Move the consultancy session, masterclass or talk to another date in consultation with the client;
  3. in the case both options a. and b. from this article do not succeed, parties terminate the agreement, in which CX Unraveled of course discharges the agreed amount for the concerning assignment, or restitutes if the principal has already paid.

CX Unraveled is in no case liable for any damages and therefore not liable for direct or indirect damages as a result of not continuing the assignment.


Article 8. Termination & postponement of the agreement by the client 

The client may terminate or postpone an agreement once concluded, in whole or in part, before or at the latest on the agreed date of execution. In that case, the client is owed the following cancellation/postponement costs to CX Unraveled:

  • In the event of cancellation or postponement up to two months weeks before the planned start of the assignment: free cancellation or postponement;
  • In case of cancellation or postponement between one and two months before the planned start of the assignment: 50% of the offer price;
  • In case of cancellation or postponement within one month the planned start of the assignment: 100% of the offer price.

In all cases, CX Unraveled will charge costs already made (e.g. materials or booked hotels and flight tickets) and preparation hours for the assignment. Termination of an agreement should always be confirmed in writing.

Article 9. Termination of the agreement by the contractor 

CX Unraveled has the right to dissolve the agreement (without judicial intervention) directly when:

  1. the client fails to comply with one or more obligations arising for him from the agreement;
  2. the client files for bankruptcy or is declared bankrupt, applies for a suspension of payments or if he is granted a provisional or definitive suspension of payments.

Article 10. Liability 

CX Unraveled is not responsible towards principal and/or third parties for any damage regardless by which the damage has arisen which is or can be direct or indirect the result of the implementation of the agreement. CX Unraveled is explicitly safeguarded by the client against claims of third parties.

The liability of CX Unraveled is in any case limited to maximum the invoice value of the agreement which she has entered into with the principal.

CX Unraveled puts together the contents of presentations, masterclasses and talks with the greatest possible care, but accepts no liability for possible inaccuracies and incompleteness in the course material or for what is proclaimed during the presentations, masterclasses and/or talks. CX Unraveled is therefore not liable for the actions of the client or the participants as a result of her contribution.

Article 11. Intellectual property 

All documentation and materials that CX Unraveled brings to their programs are its intellectual property. Client and present participants of meetings, trainings, workshops, etc. are not allowed without prior written permission of CX Unraveled to copy, distribute, make public or edit (a part of) of the documentation and/or materials.

CX Unraveled welcomes professional audio and video recording of the sessions. But does ask:

  1. an audio/video recording by an expert professional technician;
  2. a digital copy, to be received within 30 days after the presentation;
  3. Transmission of the material to employees and participants is agreed, but sale of the material is expressly prohibited.

Article 12. Not a great customer experience 

Of course, CX Unraveled hopes that the client is enthusiastic about our work delivered. If the client is not satisfied, please let us know within 10 working days after the origin of the complaint. We assume that we can solve this together and we will always look for a solution that works for both parties.

If CX Unraveled believes that the complaint is well-founded, we will make a proposal for handling the complaint. We will do everything to make your experience positive. Our offer is valid until 14 days after her proposal. After that CX Unraveled is no longer bound to the proposal and the client will not be able to make any further claims towards CX Unraveled.

Article 13. Dispute settlement 

The Dutch law is applicable on all offers, orders and established agreements provided by CX Unraveled.