Open Masterclass Pricing

We offer 7 different Masterclasses throughout the year: our CX in 1 Day Masterclass, followed by 6 DeepDives. If you want to “get” the full CX scope you can book the full package of Masterclasses and become a CX Master yourself. You can also follow the Masterclasses separately from each other or get creative customizing your own program, which consists of multiple Masterclasses.

Standard Rate


CX in 1 Day Masterclass (face-to-face, full day Masterclass from 0900 - 1700 CET + 1 hour follow-up coaching)

599 Euro (ex. VAT)

Any DeepDive Masterclass (4 hour online Masterclass + 1 hour follow-up coaching).

399 Euro (ex. VAT)

Early Bird Rate

Book any Open CX Masterclass at least one month in advance (CX in 1 Day or DeepDive Masterclasses) and get EUR100 discount. Please get in touch with us to activate your Early Bird Rate

499 Euro (ex. VAT) CX in 1 Day

299 Euro (ex. VAT) DeepDive Masterclasses

Abundance Rate

Attend more than 1 Open CX Masterclass within 1 year. For the 1st Open CX Masterclass you pay the Standard or Early Bird Rate. Book any additional Open CX Masterclass within a year of your 1st participation (4 hour Masterclass + 1 hour follow up coaching per Masterclass) over 10% discount.
* For this discount you need to make a personal account.

299 Euro (ex. VAT)

Full Monty Rate 

Book the total CX Unraveled package of 7 Masterclasses.
(32 hrs of masterclasses + 7 hours follow up coaching) 20% discount.

2299 Euro (ex. VAT)

Full Monty DeepDive Rate

Book the total CX Unraveled package of 6 DeepDive Masterclasses
(6 sessions of 4 hour training + 6 hours follow up coaching) 18% discount.

1899 Euro (ex. VAT)

Student Rate

Are you a student? Please contact us for special rates.


We are hands-on. Our sessions are interactive and you’ll definitely get your hands dirty.


We like to make things personal. Your context is the starting point for our journey together.


Our approach is always fun and creative with serious results.


The customer: someone that indirectly pays for your food, clothes and vacations. Be nice to them! 

Gene Caballero

In-Company Services Pricing

Please reach out to us if you are interested in an in-company masterclass, consultancy or an inspirational CX talk. Based on your specific needs we will provide you with an offer.

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