PGGM: Transforming the Member Onboarding Journey for PFZW

PGGM is a not-for-profit cooperative pension fund service provider. They offer their clients pension management, asset management and management advice. PGGM manages the pensions of various pension funds, the affiliated employers and their employees. Pensioenfonds Zorg en Welzijn (PFZW) is the Dutch pension fund for the care and welfare sector. PFZW is responsible for the pension policy and pension capital of over 3 million people.



PFZW is a big pension fund with thousands of new participants joining each year. These new participants receive information about their pension fund when they commence their employment in the care and welfare sector. PGGM recognized the opportunity to enhance the "welcome journey" for new PFZW members, making it more engaging and informative.


PGGM and CX Unraveled conducted a comprehensive design sprint within a one-week timeframe, focused on improving the onboarding experience for new PFZW participants. The approach included the following key steps:

Mapping the Current Member Journey and Choosing the Design Target

In-depth analysis of the existing onboarding process for new PFZW members to identify areas for improvement and establish clear objectives

Sketching Competing Solutions

Brainstorming and conceptualization of multiple potential solutions to enhance the welcome journey, considering various creative and practical approaches

Deciding on the Most Promising Solution

Careful evaluation and selection of the most promising solution among the competing ideas, considering feasibility and potential impact on the new member experience

Building a Realistic Prototype

Development of a practical and functional prototype that effectively communicated the intended improvements to the onboarding journey

Testing with Target Customers

Comprehensive testing and feedback gathering from the target audience to ensure that the proposed changes resonated with new PFZM members and met the desired engagement and informativeness goals



Through the insights gained from this collaborative effort, PGGM has been empowered to make informed decisions to elevate the member onboarding experience within PFZW. Concrete possibilities have been identified, and in close partnership with various involved parties, efforts to realize these plans were made.

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Thirza and Peter are a bundle of joy. They facilitated the design sprint with enthusiasm, creativity, and focus. A great mix to get from understanding the right problem to testing a realistic prototype solution with a dedicated group of professionals.

— Marlijn van Opzeeland, Customer Experience Lead PGGM

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