Peter Verheijde


Peter is a passionate and certified Customer Experience professional (CCXP), working over 25 years in this exciting field. With his roots in customer research,  both at agency as in company, he has a strong customer focus in everything he does. Within his professional journey he worked on all major CX areas.  He gets energy from connecting to other people and turning key insights into practical solutions and better experiences.

More about Peter?


Personal style: name/ pronouns/ age/ location

Peter- he/him / 1969 / Amsterdam, The Netherlands

On intimacy: living together with…?

Living together with husband Roy in Amsterdam and our two cats Bieber and Toetsie. My favorite relaxing time is boating the canals together with friends, and spending at least 1 day a week as a volunteer in the animal shelter of Amsterdam.

What is Customer Experience to you?

It’s my passion and I guess always on my mind, both in my private and professional life. Every interaction with a company determines your experience, so every time I have a good or bad experience myself, I see value points and pain points, I can’t help it. As a profession, it never gets boring because it is so practical. And although a good CX sounds simple, it will always remain a challenge to create a good distinctive and consistent Experience.

What is your motivation for the CX Unraveled masterclasses?

Last year I passed for my CCXP exam. And although I really enjoyed preparing for the exam and refreshing and getting my knowledge up to date I found it really theoretical. Also the existing offer of training and masterclasses is targeting that. With CX Unraveled we use a sound theory basis but the focus is definitely on putting it to practice.

Do you always fill out the survey’s you get by email? 

Yes, and I do realize I am one of the few persons who is still doing that. But for me it is more because of my interest in good and bad survey setups: If a company is pushing a battery of statements just for their internal reporting and not for really listening to my comments, then I step out of the survey.

How long have you worked in CX? 

I started working in 2017 within the still very young Customer Experience Department of KLM. But the years before I worked over 20 years in customer research, product development, design and innovation.