Icelandair: Setting a Customer Experience Strategy

Icelandair serves as the national airline of Iceland, offering seamless and enjoyable journeys to, from, via, and within the stunning landscapes of Iceland.



CX Unraveled supported Icelandair with various trainings and coaching to improve the CX knowledge and skills of the Customer Experience team. And recognizing the importance of delivering a consistent and distinctive customer experience, Icelandair asked CX Unraveled to help in setting a CX strategy. This strategy consists of a customer ambition and the desired experience that Icelandair wants to deliver to its customers.


CX Unraveled worked together with Icelandair employees to set this CX Strategy, by taking the following steps:

CX Strategy

A CX strategy is based on what your customers want most and what your company does best. As the first step Icelandair gathered existing information about their corporate strategy (mission, vision, brand values) as well as main customer needs and frustrations.


CX Unraveled facilitated a series of four workshops involving 60 Icelandair professionals, representing various layers within the organization. In these workshops we discussed the ‘what’ and ‘why’ of a CX strategy. Based on existing company context and customer insights, various teams defined customer ambitions and desired customer experiences.


We analyzed the input from all workshops and with a core team and finalized the CX Strategy: who does Icelandair want to be for its customers, and which feelings should a customer have after interacting with Icelandair.



With the help of CX Unraveled, Icelandair has set a CX Strategy, that will serve as guidance for employees as well as for product and service development to deliver the desired Icelandair experience. The next step will be rolling out this CX Strategy, consisting of various phases: making sure Icelandair employees will be aware of this strategy, understand it, embrace it, and then actively contribute to it.

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"It was great to work with CX Unraveled. They are very professional in their approach and easy to work with. They do everything they can to understand the current context of your company and convey their passion for CX.”

— Helga Huld Bjarnadottir, Director of Customer Experience at Icelandair

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