Human Centered Design Masterclass

Human centered design, service design, design thinking, design doing, however you want to call it, this masterclass focuses on the principle that we should design products and services around people, rather than teaching people how to use them. We will go through a fast-track Human Centered Design process, to ensure you experience the full spectrum of activities required. From Discovering the problem at hand, Defining the specific area to focus on, Developing potential solutions and finally Delivering the solutions that work. You’ll actually feel why alternately converging and diverging are necessary for this process to be successful. You’ll also learn how important it is to create shitty first drafts.  We’ll put the theory of Human-Centered Design to practice immediately and you’ll leave this Masterclass with a box of basic tools & techniques and plenty of inspiring B2C, B2B and government cases.

Human Centered Design Masterclass

Human Centered Design, Service Design, Design Thinking, Design Doing - there are quite a number of names out there describing the simple idea that we should design products and services around people, rather than teaching people how to use them. Human Centered Design, not technology centered design.

We love Human Centered Design and feel it is an amazing and powerful tool to achieve transformation within a company. How so? By working cross-department and using the expertise & knowledge of everyone involved in a specific part of the customer journey. And let's not forget to involve the customer themselve!


  • What is a Human Centered Design
  • Double Diamonds & Triple Ellipses

Applying Human Centered Design

  • Discovering the problem: Research & Key Insights
  • Defining the specific area to focus on: Problem definition and design challenge
  • Developing potential solutions: Ideation, there’s no bad ideas in brainstorming!
  • Working on solutions, How to get out of a creative rut.
  • Let’s get cooking: narrowing down options, prototyping and implementing solutions.

Filling up your toolbox

  • Pick and choose and put the best techniques into practice

Our way of working

To ensure an optimal learning experience session, the Masterclass is followed up with a 1 hour personal coaching session, in which we can expand on Customer Experience in your field or discuss any other CX related topic.

The online Masterclass will be held with Zoom and we will use MIRO, an online collaboration platform.

Are you ready for an unrivaled experience?

Do you want to get the ins & outs of Customer Experience, get inspired and activated by us to create distinctive experiences yourself?

Then this masterclass is for you! You can register via our form on this page or contact us at


Peter Verheijde

Peter is a passionate and certified Customer Experience professional (CCXP), working over 25 years in this exciting field. With his roots in customer research,  both at agency as in company, he has a strong customer focus in everything he does. Within his professional journey he worked on all major CX areas. He gets energy from connecting to other people and turning key insights into practical solutions and better experiences.


Thirza Schaap

Thirza sometimes jokingly calls herself a CX and Human Centered Design fanatic and there is definitely a truth in that. She has over 15 years of experience in the Customer Experience field and has helped create better customer & employee experiences at KLM, Dutch Railways, Guidion and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Thirza’s mantra is “never trust your assumptions” and she loves it when she has empowered people to see how they can truly create better experiences. 

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The price for this masterclass is € 299,- excl. VAT