CZ: Bridging the Engagement Gap with Non-Healthcare Users

CZ stands as one of the leading healthcare insurance providers in The Netherlands, catering to a customer base of 3.6 million individuals. With a team of 2,500 employees, CZ holds a market share of 22% and operates with a commitment to serving the healthcare needs of its customers without profit motives.



While CZ serves a significant customer base, a substantial portion of its customers do not actively utilize healthcare services, resulting in relatively low engagement levels. To address this challenge and foster stronger connections between CZ and these non-healthcare users, CX Unraveled initiated and facilitated a comprehensive service design program.


Creation of Validated Personas

CX Unraveled initiated the program by developing validated personas. These personas provided a clear and detailed understanding of the diverse segments of non-healthcare users within CZ's customer base.

Experience Mapping

CX Unraveled guided a group of company professionals through the process of creating a number of distinct experience maps. These maps portrayed the broader journey of non-healthcare uses in relation to specific health-related topics. These maps were validated through qualitative customer research, ensuring accuracy and relevance.

Analysis and Opportunity Prioritization

The experience maps and qualitative research were analyzed to identify key pain points, opportunities for engagement improvement, and areas where CZ could enhance its relationship with non-healthcare users. These insights served as the foundation for defining design challenges, which were consequently prioritized.


To solve the design challenge with the highest priority, an ideation session was held in which company professionals were guided in creating solutions.

Prototype Development and Testing

The most promising solution arising from the design challenge was transformed into a practical prototype. CX Unraveled facilitated the creation of this prototype through storyboarding, setting hypotheses and helping design a customer test. Furthermore, they tested this prototype with customers, gathering valuable feedback and insights for further refinement.



Through this comprehensive program, CZ aimed to strengthen its connection with non-healthcare users, ensuring that these customers feel engaged and valued by the insurance provider. The collaboration with CX Unraveled led to the development and implementation of strategic solutions, the details of which remain confidential. However, recent piloting of these solutions with a larger group yielded compelling results in terms of heightened engagement. The insights and interventions facilitated by CX Unraveled played an important role in bridging the engagement gap, thereby cultivating a more profound and meaningful relationship between CZ and its customer base.

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CX Unraveled proved to us that their method works. By starting from experience mapping from the persona, we were able to expose the needs of our target audience that we cannot yet meet. As a team, we then defined and prioritized a number of design challenges, on which we eventually developed a number of prototypes. The thorough way we approached this and especially the testing of our assumptions in different phases of the process led to 2 prototypes, which resonate well with our target group of non-users. Moreover, we still have a number of design challenges, which we can now work on ourselves for the near future.

— Paul Sanders, Senior Advisor Healthcare CZ

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