Customer Experience Strategy Masterclass

This DeepDive Masterclass is set up to enable you to create a draft version of your company’s CX Strategy and desired Customer Experience. However, if your learning preference is to work with hands-on demonstrations, or to work on the CX Strategy of another well-known company, we can tailor the program for your needs. We will briefly dive into the what & why of a CX Strategy, before sharing the process of creating a CX Strategy with you. You will then work together with your other team members in creating or refreshing the CX strategy and defining your desired Customer Experience. We don’t leave it at that – we will also brainstorm on initiatives you could take to create your desired Customer Experience and discuss next steps which need to be taken after you have finalized. Last but not least, we will inspire you with plenty of real-life examples in B2C, B2B and government context. Be prepared for an interactive session!

This customer experience strategy masterclass enables you to create a draft version of your company’s

customer experience strategy and …or to work on the customer experience strategy of … we can tailor the program to your needs .. what & why of a customer experience strategy before sharing how to create a customer experience strategy. You will then … refreshing the customer experience strategy.. Interactive session!

This online masterclass will be held on Zoom

Customer Experience Strategy Masterclass

Great Customer Experiences don't happen by accident, they happen by design! A Customer Experience Strategy is the 'North Star' by which a company (each and every employee) and its partners are guided in delivering a consistent and unrivaled Customer Experience.

It's important to create a simple, clear, realistic and inspiring CX Strategy. Which enables employees and partners to 'walk the talk', join the energy and efforts into creating the same desired Customer Experiences throughout the entire customer journey. If not, despite all best intentions, you are setting out for a inconsistent customer journey which falls short of meeting customer expectations.


  • What is a CX Strategy and why is it necessary to have one?

Creating a CX Strategy

  • How do you create a CX Strategy? What do you need to build the right CX Strategy for your company?
  • Is it challenging to build a CX Strategy?
  • Creating a CX Strategy – the real thing!

Desired Customer Experience

  • What is your Desired Customer Experience?
  • Which Experience Drivers suit your company?
  • Including realistic initiatives to achieve the desired experience
  • So, now what? Concrete CX Strategy implementation steps.

Our way of working

To ensure an optimal learning experience session, the Masterclass is followed up with a 1 hour personal coaching session, in which we can expand on Customer Experience in your field or discuss any other CX related topic.

The online Masterclass will be held with Zoom and we will use MIRO, an online collaboration platform.

Are you ready for an unrivaled experience?

Do you want to get the ins & outs of Customer Experience, get inspired and activated by us to create distinctive experiences yourself?

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Peter Verheijde

Peter is a passionate and certified Customer Experience professional (CCXP), working over 25 years in this exciting field. With his roots in customer research,  both at agency as in company, he has a strong customer focus in everything he does. Within his professional journey he worked on all major CX areas. He gets energy from connecting to other people and turning key insights into practical solutions and better experiences.


Thirza Schaap

Thirza sometimes jokingly calls herself a CX and Human Centered Design fanatic and there is definitely a truth in that. She has over 15 years of experience in the Customer Experience field and has helped create better customer & employee experiences at KLM, Dutch Railways, Guidion and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Thirza’s mantra is “never trust your assumptions” and she loves it when she has empowered people to see how they can truly create better experiences. 

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