Customer Centric Organization

In this Masterclass on Customer Centric Organization we strive to make this somewhat  tough topic easy & fun by sharing plenty of practical examples of CX leaders who have already mastered this and by engaging in interactive exercises. In addition, we give you a first try in designing or refining your own organization set-up. We’ll share our CX Organization maturity model with you – it definitively sets a path of growth, but also a path of choices! We know one size does not fit all companies. So we’ll also look at how integral Customer Journey Mapping & Monitoring and Agile Development can create an effective process to set your specific priorities and get things done.

This online masterclass will be held on Zoom

Customer Centric Organization

So, once you understand your customer's wants & needs and you've developed a CX Strategy, how do you get things done in your organization?

Designing and setting up for a customer centric organization is all about managing Customer Experience in a disciplined and proactive way, with shared priorities and clean accountabilities.

Although governance may not be the most sexy part of Customer Experience, you do need to put plenty of thought into how Customer Experience decisions are made within your company and who is accountable for and performs which Customer Experience tasks. You also need to set up a process which makes it easy & clear to determine which Customer Experience improvements have priority and who are assigned resources for execution.


  • What is a Customer Centric Organization & Why is it important? Elements of a Customer Centric Organization.

Your path of growth

  • CX Organization maturity model. A diversity of organization models currently in place (B2C, B2B and government examples)

Getting things done

  • Stakeholder Mapping & Breaking the Silo’s
  • Customer Journey Mapping & Monitoring. Creating a backlog of Customer Experience improvements
  • Priority Setting & Agile CX Development (non-software)

Our way of working

To ensure an optimal learning experience session, the Masterclass is followed up with a 1 hour personal coaching session, in which we can expand on Customer Experience in your field or discuss any other CX related topic.

The online Masterclass will be held with Zoom and we will use MIRO, an online collaboration platform.

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Peter Verheijde

Peter is a passionate and certified Customer Experience professional (CCXP), working over 25 years in this exciting field. With his roots in customer research,  both at agency as in company, he has a strong customer focus in everything he does. Within his professional journey he worked on all major CX areas. He gets energy from connecting to other people and turning key insights into practical solutions and better experiences.


Thirza Schaap

Thirza sometimes jokingly calls herself a CX and Human Centered Design fanatic and there is definitely a truth in that. She has over 15 years of experience in the Customer Experience field and has helped create better customer & employee experiences at KLM, Dutch Railways, Guidion and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Thirza’s mantra is “never trust your assumptions” and she loves it when she has empowered people to see how they can truly create better experiences. 

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